1. A Quick Guide to Sensory Drinking at Home | Condiment Junkie

    I really like the idea of pairing sounds with beverages. Might be nice to lay out an entire evening of dinner and drinks with friends, scoring each course & cocktail to a soundtrack that evokes deeper flavored experiences.

  2. Ok, Vocaloid is pretty cool, but…. um. Not sure I understand this demo.



  3. I was recently forwarded to this nifty project, Wavepot (wavepot.com), what seems to be an interesting proof of concept audio programming environment within your web browser. I like it so far…

  4. Audio Damage makes some many inexpensive products, that sounds so good. I’m sad to say that I’m just getting around to purchasing any of them. I know so many people that rely on them all the time.

    I’ve spent some time with Discord some time ago, and it’s one of the few plug-ins that’s made me ok with not owning an AMS 15-80S just so I can thicken some things up a bit while mixing…

    The new Audio Damage soft synth, Basic looks great with a nice Oblivion-esk feel. Pretty curious to check it out myself.

  5. Louder Than Liftoff Announces Three New Colour Modules

  6. bayandin/awesome-awesomeness

    Programming nerd list!

  7. Records. Love them.

    Records. Love them.

  8. Flipboard/FLEX

    What!? Nicely done flipboard. So good!

  9. Live, cat synth tune along side of puppy play time with Bandy.

    Bandy time! @ 9:09pm EST


  10. Aural Understanding

    Hearing sound in a visual world.

    In a modern world, where image is key and sound is pushed to a subliminal, background place, it is sometimes hard to imagine noise as an important everyday element of our lives. In the cinema spectrum, for example, Hollywood is constantly striving for better and ‘more realistic’ visuals, whether that’s ground-breaking CGI or beautifully-framed arial shots. It’s rare that people walk out of seeing an Ironman movie, turn to their friend and say “Damn, Ironman’s voice was recorded marvelously in scene X”. Unfortunately, this is evident in almost every aspect of today’s entertainment media and beyond.