1. A Quick Guide to Sensory Drinking at Home | Condiment Junkie

    I really like the idea of pairing sounds with beverages. Might be nice to lay out an entire evening of dinner and drinks with friends, scoring each course & cocktail to a soundtrack that evokes deeper flavored experiences.

  2. Ok, Vocaloid is pretty cool, but…. um. Not sure I understand this demo.



  3. I was recently forwarded to this nifty project, Wavepot (wavepot.com), what seems to be an interesting proof of concept audio programming environment within your web browser. I like it so far…

  4. Audio Damage makes some many inexpensive products, that sounds so good. I’m sad to say that I’m just getting around to purchasing any of them. I know so many people that rely on them all the time.

    I’ve spent some time with Discord some time ago, and it’s one of the few plug-ins that’s made me ok with not owning an AMS 15-80S just so I can thicken some things up a bit while mixing…

    The new Audio Damage soft synth, Basic looks great with a nice Oblivion-esk feel. Pretty curious to check it out myself.

  5. Louder Than Liftoff Announces Three New Colour Modules

  6. bayandin/awesome-awesomeness

    Programming nerd list!

  7. Records. Love them.

    Records. Love them.

  8. Flipboard/FLEX

    What!? Nicely done flipboard. So good!

  9. Live, cat synth tune along side of puppy play time with Bandy.

    Bandy time! @ 9:09pm EST